Family Meeting #3

We are still at it… sometimes on Monday if Sunday doesn’t happen:

Hi5s – Eve & JJ hi5 Sami for her record sales event (63 articles!). JJ & Sami hi5 Eve for being a “leader of her own learning” during her Student Led Conference (SLC). Edison & Eve hi5 JJ for helping to fix Edison’s school (NMCP Volunteer work day; Eve and Edison also shoveled a bunch of mulch).

Calendar – Mon (Eve SLC) Tue (E&E music class); Wed (JJ street hockey); Thu (JJ Trinity book club); Fri (Ed no school); Sat (10dance, 12Nerdy Derby, 4ATLUTD, 7LLR); Sun (?); Grandmaman and Grandpapa coming 30th

Meal Plan(breakfast/dinner) – Mon(bagel/nachos); Tue(scrambled egg/brussel sprouts, tempeh), Wed(waffles/coconut curry soup); Thu(bagel/big salad); Fri(fried egg/pizza); Sat (/nachos)

Something fun – the kids are playing a “drag each other across the floor” game. There is giggling involved and pretend phones ringing.

Goals – still working on last week’s…

Our picture this week! – that’s Eve in the polka dot coat with friends loading mulch, and me in the back of the van fixing a wheel barrel… nmcp work day.jpg

Clap Out! – this didn’t happen (yet)


Family Meeting #2

Hi5s – Eve hi5s Sami for doing her Lularoe work. Sami hi5s Eve for doing her homework without being reminded. Sami hi5s Edison for being nice and helpful to his friend Derrol. Edison hi5s JJ for making food. JJ hi5s Edison and Eve for doing the babysitter/sleepover so well. JJ hi5s Sami for taking me to the inaugural game for Atlanta United FC home opener and for being an awesome wife who too me to the game.

Calendar – Tue (E&E music class); Wed (JJ CFGing, MLK awards); Thu (JJ mtg); Fri (pie in the face, LLR); Sat (dance, Chantlanta); Sun (LLR); Grandmaman and Grandpapa coming 30th

Meal Plan(breakfast/dinner) – Mon(bagel/scrambled eggs, tacos); Tue(oatmeal, spaghetti squash), Wed(hardboiled egg, veggie/bean crockpot); Thu(cereal, fool mudammes); Fri(fried egg, pizza/salad)

Something fun – Eve and Sami played Sleeping Queens and Edison and JJ played with snapcircuits.

Goals – Edison’s goal is to play t-ball; Eve’s goal is to get all her spelling words correct; Sami sales goal $1k; JJ’s daily exercise goal).

Our picture this week!IMG_0640.JPG Clap Out (Eve): 3,2,1… Sanila!

Family Meeting #1

High Fives

Sami hi5s Edison for helping put away his clothes, Eve hi5s Mama for being funny, JJ hi5s Edison and Eve for going all the way through with the Mardi Gras, Sami hi5s JJ for making meals all week, JJ hi5s Sami for holding it down this week (I had 3 nights away from bed time!)

Calendar -Ash Wednesday, Atlanta United FC home opener Sunday


Mon Breakast waffles Dinner nachoes; Tue Breakast smoothie Dinner tofu scramble; Wed Breakfast oatmeal Dinner lentil soup; Thu Breakfast cereal Dinner foul mudammes; Fri grits Dinner pizza and salad

Something fun (Eve): Pictionary – Eve drew Luna!img_0614

Goals: Edison wants to play soccer this week. Eve wants to try to get all of her spelling test words correct. Sami wants to exercise 20 minutes each day this week. JJ wants to read for at least 20 minutes each night.

Our picture!img_0620

Clap out (Edison): “goonta goonta tigee face!”


I’m grateful for going to max’s party and we saw two Mazda fives and we had a cupcake. We did not sing happy birthday to max. I’m grateful for max called my name and I quickly comes inside. I’m grateful for we played the map game and you sang the map game song.



Eve: I’m grateful that we had potatoes at Aunt Joanne-y’s house and here. And we saw the moon today.

JJ: I’m grateful for Edison’s beaming smile.



Eve: I am grateful for the jackfruit. The moon. Mama said the jackfruit was big.

JJ: I am grateful for a morning of street hockey. An afternoon at the toy park and an even Continue reading